Zapier is an automation platform, which enables you to plug several web applications together.

There is a Cyke integration on Zapier, which enables you to create new deliveries on Cyke, without having to develop a complete API integration.

Similarly to the API integration, we strongly recommend to operate deliveries created manually before starting to work on an automated integration. Especially, you can probably export deliveries from an ecommerce website, then import the file on Cyke.


1. Get access

Get in touch with us ( so that we give you access to the Zapier Cyke integration.

2. Gather mandatory data

Make sure your website gathers the mandatory information to send a delivery to Cyke :

  • Delivery slot (starting time and end time)
  • Address
  • Packages

Your ecommerce website may ask the user using integrated plugins, such as for Woocommerce (but there are other plugins on every ecommerce platform)

3. Plug it

Use Zapier to connect your ecommerce website to Cyke.

Zapier Zap

Zapier Cyke integration

4. Handle errors

In the real world, everything can go wrong some day. As an example, Cyke may reject a delivery creation because some data is missing. For this reason, we recommend to set up the Zapier Manager on your account so that you can receive a notification for any error happening on the Cyke integration.

Zapier Error

Helping hand

If you are not able to use Zapier and connect your ecommerce website to Cyke, we may do it for you. Get in touch with us. The deadline will depend on our availability and we will charge a 500€ HT fee.