Make is an automation platform, which enables you to plug several web applications together.

There is no official Cyke integration on Make, but here is a tutorial written by Manon from Aïny, who is using Make to automate her delivery flow through Make.

It relies on the Cyke API.

Similarly to the API integration, we strongly recommend to operate deliveries created manually before starting to work on an automated integration. Especially, you can probably export deliveries from an ecommerce website, then import the file on Cyke.


Use the ‘HTTP’ module:

Zapier Zap

In the first module, fetch the identifier for the type of package you need to select:

Zapier Zap

The second module is the delivery creation:

Zapier Zap

Zapier Zap

Using the params from the Cyke API documentation:

    "dropoff": {
      "slot_starting_at": "{{if(1.`Livraison après-midi ?`; formatDate(1.`Livraison_début`; "YYYY-MM-DD") + "T14:00:00.000+02:00"""; formatDate(1.`Livraison_début`; "YYYY-MM-DD") + "T09:00:00.000+02:00""")}},
      "slot_ending_at": "{{if(1.`Livraison après-midi ?`; formatDate(1.Livraison_fin; "YYYY-MM-DD") + "T18:00:00.000+02:00"""; formatDate(1.Livraison_fin; "YYYY-MM-DD") + "T13:00:00.000+02:00""")}},
      "place": {
        "recipient_name": "{{1.Nom_du_client[]}}",
        "recipient_phone": "{{1.Telephone[]}}",
        "company_name": "{{1.Projet[]}}",
        "address": "{{1.Adresse[]}}",
        "postal_code": "{{1.`Code postal`[]}}",
        "city": "{{1.Ville[]}}",
        "address_instructions": "{{1.`Complément adresse`[]}}"
    "packages": [
          "package_type_id": {{[].id}},
          "amount": 1
    "comments": "{{1.`Commentaire pour Olvo`}}",
    "client_order_reference": "{{1.`reference envoi`}}",
    "bring_back_containers": false

Do not try to use ‘values’ or this kind of things, because the structure of the params expected by Cyke wouldn’t work with this module. Just keep using ‘map’.

Helping hand

If you are not able to use Make and connect your ecommerce website to Cyke, we may do it for you. Get in touch with us. The deadline will depend on our availability and we will charge a 500€ HT fee.